hiPSC reprogramming

This is our core business, our team of specialists has invented a revolutionary cellular microfluidic reprogramming method (ref. Luni C, Giulitti S, Serena E, Ferrari L, Zambon A, Gagliano O, Giobbe GG, Michielin F, Knobel S, Bosio A, Elvassore N. 2016. High-efficiency cellular reprogramming with microfluidics. Nat Methods. 13:446-452) which enables to provide cost-effective cellular reprogramming services.
Our methods are non-integrating, feeder-free, xeno-free, extremely efficient and solid (80% success rate).

microfluidic chips

Microfluidic technologies now apply to many fields of life sciences. Onyel is specialized in manufacturing microfluidic chips for cell culture. All our products can be customized according to end-user’s specific research needs.


We are currently working on an extremely innovative biomaterial, with applications both in research and clinic. Our innovative product is a ready-to-use and fast-gelling 3D scaffold, functionalizable with proteins, with tunable mechanical properties. The product can support a wide range of cutting-edge applications, including in vitro models for drug screening, organoid culture, 3D bioprinting, tissue regeneration and engineering. Our mission is to develop high-tech solutions for personalized medicine, and our team of multidisciplinary experts works with this in mind: your health is tech!

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